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192.com provides a range of products and partnership opportunities. We offer discounted rates for businesses and other organisations and API access for certain products so that you may integrate them within your own website or application.

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 People Search

Find addresses and telephone numbers for customers, lost contacts and people that have moved house. Search millions of name & address records from the Edited Electoral Register, company directors database and telephone directory.

Property Report

A Property Report is a comprehensive report on any property in England & Wales. It provides details of ownership, historic and current valuations for the property and the area, title register, nearby planning applications and local information such as crime statistics and schools.

Background Report

Get detailed online Background Reports on customers, employees and other individuals. Conduct due diligence quickly, covertly and cheaply. Aspects covered include address history, property ownership, mortality check, insolvency, county court judgments, directorships and company  financials.

HooYu Identify

A global identity service, HooYu Identify gives you the confidence to know who you’re dealing with. Designed to prevent fraud and financial crime, HooYu Identify combines digital footprint analysis, automated ID document verification and facial biometrics to help improve your KYC and due diligence checks.

HooYu Investigate

A unique data visualisation service that links UK people, businesses and addresses together to reveal otherwise hidden connections. Used across a wide array of sectors, such as fraud investigations, law enforcement and debt collection, HooYu investigate makes for faster more effective investigations..

192.com Affiliates

Work with 192.com to promote People Searches, Background Reports or Property Reports to your website or blog subscribers. Join the 192.com affiliate programme and you can earn a commission for new users who visit using your link.

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